K Scott Law (KSL) is a boutique law firm in Montgomery, Alabama, serving family members and government agencies throughout Alabama and surrounding areas. The firm is quickly becoming a preferred firm for unique legal solutions in all areas of mediation and facilitation, family law issues, and personal injury disputes.


  According to our clients, they select us because our level of service "shows how much we care." Our goal is to make clients as comfortable as possible in some of life's most difficult times, and we do it by putting the client first. KSL maintains its focus in three primary areas of law: 


Family Law

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KSL is committed to helping clients through divorce settlements, custody disputes, asset division, co-parenting, pre/postnuptial agreements, and even reconciliation and re-marriage. 

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

KSL is the epitome of service, striving to assist families to improve their quality of life. When possible, we seek the least adversarial and cost efficient solutions. When a non-adversarial solutuion is impossible, we aim to represent our clients with the utmost excellence.

Personal Injury 

Events causing injury or death can have major life impacts, including time from work, job loss, lost income, and unpaid bills. KSL helps victims of injury and their loved ones overcome these tumultuous times. Though we cannot reverse the injury, we can minimize its impact on the family. We assist families in finding the best team of legal professionals to assist in personal injury cases, recovering damages and compensating injured parties

Kia Scott is not only an outstanding attorney, but she has a heart for people. She was there to guide us through a custody issue, and she made everything so simple. My husband and I will use her services again, and we will recommend her to friends and family. ”

Assisted this Family with: 

Cross Jurisdictional Custody Dispute

Cross Jurisdictional Visitation Dispute